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Web hosting resellers provide a great service to their customers.Many web hosting resellers have signed up with us for a lot of great reasons. The list below covers just a few of them.

Generate Additional Income

By offering web hosting services to your customers, it is one more opportunity to make money without having to go out and find new customers all the time. It represents residual income that comes to you month after month and year after year. It also keeps the relationship active with the customer so as they need additional services from you, they will naturally think of you for these services.

Residual Income for Resellers

The nice thing about hosting revenue is that as long as you provide a good service, your customers will stay with you indefinitely. You don't start out each year with zero income. Instead, each year, you start with customers who will be providing you with income for that year. And every new customer you get adds to both that year and the years to come. By reselling hosting services, you have already covered part of your budget every year.

Customer Retention

By providing more comprehensive services to your customers, you minimize the chance that they will be taken away by a competitor who happens to offer them a service you do not offer. How often have you lost a customer because they needed a service you didn't offer and the company that offered the service was undercutting your costs? Every service you don't offer is another chance of losing your customers to a competitor.

Customer Loyalty

By providing additional services to your customer, it makes them even more loyal to you. They know that one call to you solves their problems. Resellers contribute to customer loyalty and reduced turnover.

Additional Services from Your Customers

Because you are guaranteed more interaction with your customers (because you are providing them with tech support and helping them with their email, etc.), you will have many opportunities to provide other services to them. Resellers talk with their customer more than other people because of email, website statistics, and lots of other reasons. Every time you talk with a customer is another opportunity to offer them more services.

Save Time and Money

It is very efficient and convenient to be able to set up hosting accounts yourself. You can add and delete accounts and services very efficiently with your own control panel. You can add mailboxes, add storage, change passwords, delete services, and much more within minutes. Great for web developers who need to change and optimize the hosting environment for their customers. Your Reseller Control Panel gives you control over all the things you want to do.

Reseller Control Panel Is Easy to Use

The Reseller Control Panel is easy to use. You can control virtually all of the features and services you offer to your customers. And you can then price the service accordingly. If they want webmail, website statistics, CGI functionality, e-commerce, PHP, Java, and more, you can provide it. All from your Reseller Control Panel.

Delegated Functions

You can also provide your customers with access to their own Site Administrator Control Panel. This is where they can add and delete mailboxes, aliases, and change passwords. They can also review their website statistics and other items that will help them appreciate the great features you are offering them.

Online Support

There are plenty of online documentation Control Panel for both Resellers and your customers This documentation will not only make your job easier, it will also cut down on your tech support time because your customers will be able to answer many of their own questions.

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